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                    The Zeitz Foundation recognizes the power of voices. Our Ambassadors represent individuals who have become internationally recognized for their contributions in their fields and who inspire change. The Zeitz Foundation Ambassadors help by raising awareness and, in tandem with our Specialists, by contributing across each of the 4Cs dimensions that are integral to achieving ecosphere safety—the dynamic and sustainable balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce. 


                    Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler – Ambassadors for Community

                    “My trip to the Zeitz Foundation headquarters in Segera, Kenya this year inspired me, as did their projects and dedication on the ground ... the Foundation is driven by implementing a holistic paradigm that balances conservation, community development, culture and commerce, and I am excited to lend my support to their community development activities.” ~ Vivienne Westwood


                    “We try to embrace The Long Run philosophy of acting today for a better tomorrow in our daily life, and this ties in to Vivienne’s idea that people should buy less and choose well.” ~ Andreas Kronthaler.


                    Amadou & Mariam– Internationally acclaimed music duo from Mali, Ambassadors for Culture (Art)

                    “Our musical creativity allows us to cross borders, expand horizons and build connections. There is a new opportunity to do so within the Zeitz Foundation, and we are thrilled to embark on The Long Run as a sensible, honest and positive approach to life.

                    Usain Bolt – World Champion Athlete, Olympic Gold. Ambassador for Culture (Sport)
                    “Sport is not only a personal passion, but a symbol of the spirit and the ability to achieve any goal we set our minds to. As an Athlete and as an Olympian, I have experienced the true convening power of sport – to come together, in friendly competition, promoting the values of fair play and respect. The Zeitz Foundation promotes these sporting activities that contribute to building a sustainable future while creating a culture of peace.”




                    Stephen Hopkins – Award-winning director, writer and producer, Ambassador for Conservation
                    “I believe that there are innovative ways in which we can all do more. Whether in support of environmental awareness, conservation projects, or the preservation of culture through film and other forms of art, as a part of an overall plan to combine different perspectives, industries, and ways of thinking, the key—I believe—is to find what is most important to us and translate that into action.”
                    Francois – Henri Pinault – Chairman and CEO of, Ambassador for Commerce
                    “I believe that every company, small or large, for profit or not-for-profit – regardless of its field, must look into socially responsible and sustainable ways of doing business. It is precisely this approach that the Zeitz Foundation has adopted for its paradigm of sustainable commerce and conservation as they work towards realizing their vision for a safer, more sustainable planet. As a businessman who is also a passionate supporter of culture and art, I am personally inspired by their mission and vision.”


                    Xia Yu – International Film Star, Ambassador for Conservation
                    “I am delighted to support the Zeitz Foundation’s efforts to achieve a fundamental shift towards more sustainable lifestyles, particularly through initiatives relating to conservation. Working in movies, I am privileged to be able to reach out to wide audiences and look forward to spreading the Zeitz Foundation’s conservation messages.”


                    The Zeitz Foundation Specialists are experts in their respective fields whose work correlates with our own, furthering the Foundation’s mission and goals. The Specialists are closely connected to our Ambassadors, contributing their expertise across each of the 4Cs dimensions—Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce.
                    Mark Coetzee – Artist, writer, art historian and curator, Specialist for Culture (Art)

                    “I am honoured to be associated with the Zeitz Foundation. Their dedication to promoting a holistic approach to understanding our world through art is exemplary. Their long-term goal of finding creative ways to nurture more positive relationships in the world is nothing short of inspiring. I join with them in striving to achieve these goals.”

                    Holly Dublin – Senior Conservationist at the Wildlife Conservation Society and Advisor to IUCN, Specialist for Conservation
                    “The challenges for a sustainable future have never been greater and we are at growing risk of losing much of the natural and cultural diversity we most value around the world.  Innovative approaches, novel partnerships and inspirational ways of communicating hold new opportunities for reversing this escalating trend. The Zeitz Foundation can bring fresh energy, enthusiasm, ideas and build powerful and positive synergies.”
                    Colin Jackson – Former Sprinter 110m World Champion hurdling athlete and Olympic Medalist, Specialist for Culture (Sport)

                    “I believe in the capacity of sport to inspire and galvanize, and we should never underestimate that power. The message that the Zeitz Foundation sends – by utilizing sport as a way to communicate universal goals and bring people together in ways that contribute towards conservation and social awareness – is one that could not be more relevant at this moment in time.”



                    Friends of the Zeitz Foundation represent a wide range of achievements, lending their voices in support of our cause.
                    Our growing list of Friends includes:
                    • Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Filmmaker and Photographer and Author of “Earth From Above”
                    • Luc Besson, Writer, Producer and Director
                    • Samuel Eto’o, International Football Star
                    • Angelique Kidjo, Grammy Award-winning Singer and Songwriter
                    • Michael Poliza, Photographer and Author of “Eyes Over Africa”
                    • Waris Dirie, Supermodel and women's rights activist
                    • Gregory David Roberts, Activist and author of the book Shantaram
                    • Auret van Heerden, CEO and President of Fair Labour Association
                    "I've watched the Zeitz Foundation develop from what I consider to be a noble idea to something that has become a practical and sustainable reality. At every stage, I've been inspired by the personal vision of Jochen Zeitz, and excited by the contribution that this initiative makes to the better world that most of us want, and all of us desperately need. The new paradigm at the heart of the initiative The Long Run is an integrated part of the big paradigm shift towards a creative, courageous compassion for all living things in the biosphere - including our beautiful, damaged selves - and I support it passionately, with heart and mind." Gregory David Roberts
                    “The Zeitz Foundation is working for a better world. Through its projects, the Foundation engages with communities, promoting culture, conservation and commerce. Since I am also striving for a better tomorrow, particularly for women in all countries, I am proud to be a Friend of the Zeitz Foundation. I believe individuals have the power to change things, and collectively, we can achieve a lot. I back the Foundation’s work because I see it brings a more stable future for communities and therefore more possibilities for women to decide how to conduct their lives,” Waris Dirie.


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