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                    GET INVOLVED! Since we all have a responsibility towards this planet, you too can embrace The Long Run philosophy. Visit a Long Run Destination to see what it means to live sustainably; change the way you behave, ask yourself if you are leaving your community and environment in a better state than you found it in.


                    Volunteer: The Zeitz Foundation welcomes volunteers to help us in our work. If you are interested in volunteering send us some information about yourself and we will contact you to discuss how you can help us ensure a more sustainable future for our planet.


                    Donate: If you would like to provide us with direct support, the Zeitz Foundation welcomes your donations. Direct donations are tax-deductible in Germany, the UK and the US and every donor will receive a donation letter for this purpose.


                    Click on the link to view some of our 4Cs projects that you can contribute to at Greater Segera.

                    Greater Segera 4Cs Projects (PDF), (Interactive).


                    To find about more about donating, please email us at or write to one of the mailing addresses below:


                    Zeitz Foundation Kenya

                    P.O. Box 63901 - 00619

                    Muthaiga, Nairobi


                    Phone: +254 20 8046274

                    +254 729 809764




                    The Zeitz Foundation I.E.S

                    c/o Global Academy Foundation,

                    336 Bon Air Center, Ste. 518,


                    CA 94904




                    Zeitz-Stiftung I.E.S 
                    c/o UBS Europe SE
                    Bockenheimer Landstraße 2-4
                    60306 Frankfurt am Main


                    For large gifts, please contact the Zeitz Foundation directly at and we will be happy to work with you and or your organization with regard to fulfilling your charitable goals.


                    Five Actions: Here are five things you can do today:

                    SPREAD THE WORD: Let your friends and family know about the Long Run approach to life – acting today for a better tomorrow. Help them learn more and spread the word by sharing our online resources such as our websites ( and as well as our Facebook pages (Zeitz Foundation) and Twitter (@ZeitzFoundation) pages. ... 

                    NOMINATE A LONG RUN MEMBER: Help us to grow the network of those committed to the Long Run Philosophy by nominating a Long Run Supporter, Long Run Alliance Member or Long Run Destination by sending us a link or information on any companies, learning institutions or destinations around the world that you think would make great Long Run Members.... 

                    BE YOUR OWN KEEPER: Be mindful of every action you take and pay keen interest to its impact on the Earth’s resources. You can start by off-setting your carbon footprint. To find out how visit:

                    TAKE RESPONSIBLE HOLIDAYS: Our Long Run Destinations Global Ecosphere Retreat® certified are model businesses governed by the 4Cs approach to ensuring sustainability. By visiting these Long Run Destinations, not only will you have a chance to see the Long Run Philosophy at work, but also you will be embarking on the journey toward sustainable living.

                    SUPPORT A PROJECT IN LAIKPIA: You can provide direct support to a project in Laikipia. 



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                    What we do
                    Where we are
                    Ambassadors & Specialists
                    Jochen Zeitz
                    Support Us
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