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                    Zeitz Foundation was founded in Germany in 2008 by the business entrepreneur Jochen Zeitz, with the mission to create and support sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible projects and destinations around the world to achieve long-lasting impact and sustainability through the holistic balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs) in privately managed areas. The Zeitz Foundation delivers on its vision and mission through two inter-linked programmes, the global Long Run Initiative and the Laikipia Programme in Kenya. An overview of our work at Laikipia can viewed through our YouTube channel here.

                    The Long Run Initiative (LRI) pursues the Zeitz Foundation’s mission internationally. By enhancing ecosystems management and building recognition and support for the 4Cs approach to sustainability, the LRI is creating a driving force to promote and encourage sustainable thinking globally. LRI aims to reach out into every aspect of daily life by putting into practice the Long Run philosophy of acting today for a better tomorrow



                    The Laikipia Programme aims to fulfill the mission of the Zeitz Foundation in Kenya, where we are headquartered.  Centred in the Greater Segera area of Laikipia County and operating throughout the County, the Laikipia Programme is the ‘nursery’ for the Zeitz Foundation. A nursery in which innovative initiatives that encompass and represent the 4Cs approach are nurtured. When they approach maturity and show real signs of promise, the lessons and experiences are shared throughout the LRI network. 


                    Click here to view our factsheet. 


                    Our 4Cs Approach:

                    The Zeitz Foundation aims to demonstrate that sustainable ecosystem management – and ultimately steps towards a healthy planet - can be achieved by balancing conservation, community, culture and commerce: what we call the 4Cs. To demonstrate this idea, we are initially focusing on developing and strengthening Long Run Alliance Members (LRAMs) and Long Run Destinations (LRDs) - those members which have been GER® certified. This enables the creation and strengthening of centres of excellence for sustainable tourism which provide practical demonstration that sustainable ecosystem management can be achieved in privately managed areas. Through the Long Run Initiative, the Zeitz Foundation is also putting The Long Run philosophy into practice. The Long Run philosophy is a mentality, an approach to life geared at acting today for a better tomorrow. 


                    Areas of Work:

                    The Zeitz Foundation aims to contribute to sustainable ecosystem management by:

                    • Creating, strengthening and promoting a network of Long Run Destinations (LRDs) and Long Run Alliance Members (LRAMs). These are locations around the world that provide and build sustainable, mostly tourism-driven enterprises, community development and cultural stewardship.
                    • Developing and implementing the Global Ecosphere Retreats® certification system – a certification scheme for Long Run members which verifies their progress across the 4Cs and ensures development of best practise in sustainable tourism.
                    • Investing in initiatives throughout Laikipia that maintain or strengthen the integrity of ecosystems and their ability to deliver services, such as clean water and air, carbon sequestration, and healthy soils.
                    • Following the Zeitz Foundation philosophy, known as The Long Run - an approach to life geared at acting today for a better tomorrow.  

                    Governance Structures: 

                    The Zeitz Foundation is a registered Charity in Germany, Kenya and the UK and has formal representation in the US. 


                    Zeitz Foundation Germany: The Zeitz Foundation was originally established in Germany in 2008, where it is known as the Zeitz Foundation for Inter-cultural Ecosphere Safety. Mr Jochen Zeitz is the Chairman. 


                    Zeitz Foundation Kenya: Zeitz Foundation Kenya was established in 2011. Its primary purpose is to oversee and support the Laikipia Programme. The governing body of Zeitz Foundation Kenya consists of the following board members: 

                    Mr. Jochen Zeitz (Chairman) 

                    Mr. Ali Kaka (Treasurer) 

                    Dr. Liz Rihoy (Secretary)


                    Zeitz Foundation UK: In July 2013 Zeitz Foundation joined forces with Resource Africa UK, which transitioned to become Zeitz Foundation UK. The principal function of Zeitz Foundation UK is to oversee and support The Long Run Program. The Board members of Zeitz Foundation UK are:

                    Mr. Jochen Zeitz (Chairman)

                    Mr. Keith Madders O.B.E (Treasurer)

                    Professor Nigel Leader-Williams

                    Dr. Jon Hutton

                    Dr. Liz Rihoy

                    Mr. Bruce Liggett

                    Ms. Alisa Swidler

                    Mr. Michael Poliza


                    Zeitz Foundation Ambassadors and Specialists:

                    These inspiring individuals help the Zeitz Foundation raise awareness and shape activities in their respective dimension: Chairman and CEO of PPR, Francois-Henri Pinault (Ambassador for Commerce); award-winning director, writer and producer, Stephen Hopkins (Ambassador for Conservation); Olympian and sprint superstar, Usain Bolt (Ambassador for Culture-Sport); internationally acclaimed African musicians, Amadou & Mariam (Ambassadors for Culture-Art); Xia Yu, one of China's leading film stars; and Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, fashion designers. 


                    How we relate to you:

                    Since we all have a responsibility towards this planet, you too can embrace The Long Run philosophy. Visit a Long Run Destination to see what it means to live sustainably; change the way you behave, ask yourself if you are leaving your community and environment in a better state than you found it in.



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                    What we do
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