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                  The Long Run Initiative

                  Long Run Destinations

                  Long Run Destinations are GER® certified global leaders in sustainable tourism committed to complying or exceeding the highest performance standards in sustainability. They foster community development, cultural stewardship and biodiversity conservation alongside profitable enterprise in the true spirit of 4Cs as the bedrock of GER®. The Long Run Destinations represent unique spaces on earth and offer to their visitors unparalleled opportunities of experiencing nature in best combination of comfort, recreation and adventure.


                  • Signing of the Long Run Charter, a declaration of intent and commitment to promoting more sustainable lifestyle choices and to building a sustainable future;
                  • Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines the terms and conditions under which the Zeitz Foundation grants GER® certification;
                  • Successful Completion of all the steps of the Global Ecosphere Retreats® (GER) certification process.


                  • One-of-a-kind certification - Global Ecosphere Retreats® (GER) Certification: In receiving this certification your destination stands out as a leader in sustainable management practices making potential guests, media and public aware that you are at the pinnacle of your trade.
                  • Tangible demonstration of your commitment to sustainability: GER® Certification demonstrates that you have acted upon your commitment to sustainability; highlighting your institution’s integrity and trustworthiness.
                  • Expert input to strategic planning and implementation activities: Benefit from the assistance of Zeitz Foundation experts and international sustainable development leaders.
                  • New funding opportunities: The Zeitz GER® certification opens up and amplifies opportunities for accessing grants to complement the businesses’ own investments in nature conservation, cultural stewardship and community wellbeing by lending recognition and support to the GER® certified destinations. However, GER® certification does not guarantee such funding.
                  • Branding as centres of excellence: In the long-term, through continuous innovation as a GER® certified LRD your business will earn a reputation as a profitable enterprise premised on excellence in sustainability and responsible business.

                  To view current LRDs please use the following link.

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                  The Long Run Initiative
                  Long Run Destinations
                  Long Run Alliance Members
                  Long Run Supporters
                  GER Certification
                  The Long Run Charter

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