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                  The Long Run

                  The Long Run is a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability that pursues the Zeitz Foundation’s mission internationally. The movement is global in scope and growing. The aim is to maintain a healthy and productive balace for posterity. Collectively they aspire to conserve 20 Million of biodiversity & improve the life of 2 million people by 2020. The Long Run supports, connects and inspires these nature-based businesses to excel in following the highest standards of sustainability encompassing Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (4Cs).  

                  The Long Run is built around Global Ecosphere Retreats® (GER) certified Long Run Destinations, Long Run Fellow Members and Long Run Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members are organizations from a variety of different sectors that believe in and support The Long Run's mission, whilst Fellow Members are sustainable tourism destinations on the path of continuing improvements to eventually become certified Long Run GER Destinations, which are global leaders in sustainable tourism. 


                  Over the past seven years The Long Run has experienced fast growth. Today it includes 10 GER Destinations, 30 Fellow Members and 13 Long Run Affiliate Members spanning six continents. 


                  The Long Run Fellow Members and GER Destinations together manage or significantly influence the management of approximately 13 million acres and protect numerous rare or endangered species.


                  Specific projects include: an artificial wetland project at Monte Azul (LRD) in Costa Rica, which involves close to 2,000 people through teaching and capacity building; a project by Tahi (LRD) on the restoration of the biodiversity of Pataua North in New Zealand where alien invasive plant species are eradicated and the biodiversity of the forest, beach, wetland and estuarine habitat are restored in a 2,000 acre area. 



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