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          Laikipia Programme Newsletter December 2013

          Dear Friends and Colleagues,

          Welcome to this second edition of the Zeitz Foundations Laikipia Programme Newsletter, which shares information about the work that the Zeitz Foundation, Segera and our partners are doing throughout Laikipia. The aim of the Laikipia Programme is to strengthen sustainable ecosystems management through the practical application of our 4C’s conceptual framework. Our world is a complex and dynamic system of interdependencies, requiring a constant rebalancing of the forces upon which we depend - conservation, culture, communities, and commerce. The key to sustainability in The Long Run lies in ensuring holistic, committed effort in all these four areas.

          Our Laikipia Programme therefore focuses not only on enhanced environmental management and governance but also on the creation of nature-based and culturally appropriate livelihoods for communities throughout the County.


          Over the past few months we have seen exciting progress in the Laikipia Programme and increasing recognition of and support for this locally and internationally. Of note, as the article on the ‘Earths Greenest School’ award recounts, the US Green Buildings Council has recently awarded this prestigious accolade and financial prize to the to the Uaso Nyiro Primary school for the Waterbank buildings, a project of Zeitz Foundation in collaboration with PITCH_Africa. And it isn’t just our projects that are receiving global recognition and awards, as you will read, Zeitz Foundation staff are also receiving their hard earned share of these.


          Other articles here provide updates on efforts to promote the sustainable use of the natural resource base through the development of nature based micro-enterprises, such as bee-keeping and beading: and our sustainable water management initiatives such as the collaborations with Engineers Without Borders, Chinese Ghanzu Water Conservation Research Institute and PITCH_Africa.


          Updates are also provided on the great kick-off this year to the Laikipia Unity League. This culminated in November with two regional championships in Aberdares and Mt Kenya Regions, resulting in selection of teams to play at the finals, set for January 2014.  All 100 teams involved in the League have been busy engaging in conservation, cultural or community projects that every team has to undertake to advance through the League and make it to the finals.  Further updates are also provided on construction of the Samuel Eto’o Laikipia Unity Football Academy, School and Environmental Education Centre at Endana Secondary School. When completed in mid 2014, this complex will ensure that Laikipia is home to East Africa’s first football academy, a unique model school and environmental education and demonstration center to serve the whole community. Our thanks go to all those throughout Laikipia who are involved with and supporting their local teams.


          Progress is also being made with the Laikipia Unity Land Initiative, with Governor Irungu convening a high-level Steering Committee to guide this programme in its efforts to address the 280,000 acres of land that are underutilized by the owners throughout Laikipia. As you will read, this programme, commencing with a pilot in Sukutan/Mathira 2, aims to reverse the environmental degradation of these lands in a transparent and equitable manner, which contributes, to peace and security for the County.


          I’d also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our recently relaunched Zeitz Foundation website,, where you can find further information on the international activities of the Zeitz Foundation through the Long Run Initiative, as well as the Laikipia Programme. Further information on the Long Run Initiative and its implications for Laikipia is also provided in this newsletter. For regular updates of the Laikipia Programme activities, like us on the Greater Segera Facebook page.


          A warm thanks to all those who have contributed to this newsletter. If you would like to play a part in highlighting issues that touch on the 4Cs of sustainability – Conservation, Community, Culture, Commerce – please send your article to for a chance to be published in our next newsletter and on our website.


          Click on the link below and enjoy your read. Your feedback and comments are always welcomed!

          Laikipia Programme Newsletter December 2013.


          Dr. Liz Rihoy

          Executive Director,

          Zeitz Foundation.

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