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          An Exciting New Kenyan Safari Itinerary for Sustainable Travel

          Some leading member destinations of the global Long Run Initiative, setting a new standard in sustainable travel, proudly offer a new and exciting Kenyan travel itinerary that will see travellers appreciate a new wildlife experience at destinations that not only promote biodiversity conservation and community development, but also cultural stewardship and social entrepreneurship.

          The seven-day itinerary startsoff with a brief flight from Nairobi fora 3-night stay at Sauna Samburu Lodge at the picturesque Samburu National Reserve. Perched on the top of the Kalama Mountains with an all-round view of Northern Kenya all the way to snow-covered Mount Kenya, the lodge is introducing a fresh concept to a well-known safari destination. Built on the pristine land owned by the Kalama Wildlife Conservancy in 240,000 acres-large Gir Gir Group Ranch, it is only seven kilometres - and 20 minutes of exciting game drive - away from the Northern border of Samburu National Reserve, a celebrated elephant sanctuary.


          The lodge offers first-class safari experience in a totally un-spoilt environment, far from the beaten tracks but very close to the wildlife. It is a leader in sustainable travel and it employs 80% of its staff from the local community. It is involved in the conservation of threatened species such as the elephant and the wild dog. It is ideal for both nature-loving families and romantic couples that want to enjoy the northern Kenya wilderness in a comfortable, stylish atmosphere.

          From Samburu, the next destination is Segera Retreat where travellers will relish the captivating Northern Kenya wilderness. Situated in the centre of Laikipia, one of Kenya’s richest ecosystems, Segera’s abundance of wildlife is breathtaking. It is home to the elephant, lion, buffalo, eland, reticulated giraffe, Lelwel’s hartebeest and Beisa oryx and a wealth of plains game, not to mention the endangered Grevy’s zebra, patas monkey and African wild dog.


          Characterised by vast grassy plains and dotted with waterfalls, natural streams and acacia trees; Segera offers a one-of-a-kind safari and private retreat experience in one of Kenya’s most pristine natural settings. It is a place of beauty with a deep commitment to responsible conservation and community practices. 


          A 3-night stay at Segera Retreat is never complete without a visit to the Zeitz Foundation’s sustainable projects within Greater Segera. These include the SATUBO Women’s Group, the Waterbank School Building and other community based conservation initiatives.

          The itinerary ends with a 3-night stay at Cottar’s 1920s Camp, located at the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The Cottar Safari tradition, which began in 1919,continues to provide an unparalleled safari experience to discerning guests. Extending an era of luxury and quality, Cottars Safari returns to the original spirit and essence of ‘safari’, reminiscent of a golden era — an era of romance, professional guiding, adventure and elegance.


          The safari camp is situated in an untouched 250,000 acres of exclusive concessions providing the guests a guarantee of privacy and an abundance of wildlife. Through the establishment of the Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Camp has been actively engaged in the preservation of natural habitats and wildlife in the area. It contributes a significant portion of its revenues to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. 


          Founded by the Zeitz Foundation in 2009, the Long Run Initiative (LRI) is its international program representing a growing community of destinations, businesses and organisations, committed to human wellbeing through responsible enterprise on a healthy planet. 


          The LRI provides a platform to connect and support this community to lead the sustainability movement, particularly in the tourism industry.

          Click on the link to view the Kenya for The Long Run itinerary.

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