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          The Zeitz Foundation Annual Report 2013

          Five years ago I founded the Zeitz Foundation (ZF) with the intention of providing a vehicle and conceptual framework that could bring together and strengthen through collaboration emerging practical efforts around the world to contribute towards a more sustainable future for us all.


          In collaboration with our members, we have come a long way since 2009. Our global programme, the Long Run Initiative (LRI) now has 78 members worldwide. Together we protect over 12 million acres of land rich in biodiversity, conserving many of the worlds most critically endangered species and habitats, enhancing the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people, and promoting the cultures of dozens of diverse peoples. We are embarked on an ambitious programme for further developing the Long Run Initiative in 2014.


          The Laikipia Programme – our ‘nursery’ in which innovative initiatives that encompass the 4Cs (Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce) in practical results oriented ways – has gone from strength to strength. 2013 witnessed the consolidation of our efforts in Laikipia into four interlinked and complimentary initiatives, which are delivering real impacts in securing land for conservation, strengthening peace and unity, enhancing livelihoods through sustainable commerce and natural resource management and promoting cultural interaction and respect.


          Whilst we have come a long way in five years, much work still lies ahead of us.

          Acknowledging this, our efforts in 2013 focused not just on results but also on consolidating the foundations for sustaining and scaling up our programmes for the future. Our first steps towards consolidation was the appointment of

          Mohammad Rafiq as the Director of the LRI, who has since made great strides in driving the programme in a sustainable direction in collaboration with our members.


          The complexity of problems facing our planet and people in our efforts to achieve a sustainable future requires all of our support. We need to accelerate the speed, improve the quality and ensure the sustainability of our efforts and this can only be achieved through collaboration. Ultimately the work of the Zeitz Foundation is to bring together the right people and develop the programmes and approaches that can advance our common cause. Together we can do much more in the next years and I hope that the following report will provide you with some inspiration and may encourage you to get involved.






          Jochen Zeitz


          Please click the link to read The Zeitz Foundation Annual Report 2013.


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