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    conservation safeguarding biodiversity to support global needs community creating positive impact & uplifting communities culture preserving cultural heritage & celebrating diversity commerce sustainable source of income for the greater good

    People & Planet

    The vision of the ZEITZ foundation is of an ecosphere – our planet and all of its life-sustaining regions – maintained in the healthiest possible state, with the major contribution to that health coming from people making sustainable choices.

    The ZEITZ foundation

    is dedicated to inspiring and achieving the highest standards in sustainability through the balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce (the 4Cs) in privately managed areas.


    Thriving ecosystems and biodiversity are integral to the survival of people and our planet. It’s safeguarding this biodiversity to support global needs.


    People matter; it is the right of every person to have their basic needs met, and enhancing the well-being of communities is a fundamental obligation of all.


    Celebrating cultural diversity and commonality nurtures understanding and fosters connections. Respecting cultural difference is crucial to our future.


    Trading has been central to the development of civilizations over thousands of years and is likely to remain so, and so sustainability must be central to business.