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    Founded by Jochen Zeitz in 2008, the ZEITZ foundation for Intercultural Ecosphere Safety is a non-profit organization registered in Germany and Kenya. The mission of the ZEITZ foundation is to create and support projects promoting an inclusive, holistic paradigm of conservation that enhances livelihoods and fosters intercultural dialogue while achieving long-lasting positive impact and sustainability. 

    Home to the ZEITZ foundation, Segera Conservancy is a 50,000 acre wildlife refuge in the heart of Laikipia, Kenya. The ZEITZ foundation, Segera and The Long Run share a holistic “4C” philosophy balancing Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce, geared towards delivering tangible and sustainable benefits for land, wildlife and rural communities. The ZEITZ foundation’s award-winning schools are leading the world in environmental architecture, enabling children to harvest their own rainwater and grow vegetables to take home to their families. Men and women from Laikipia’s communities are empowered by employment and protecting Kenya’s biodiversity, with local women using their ancestral beading skills as part of the SATUBO initiative, encouraging financial independence and inter-tribal peace.

    “ I truly believe that if each of us were to do our own share of good whether small or large to improve the way we live, think and act, to push the envelope and recognize the interconnectedness of all, then the world would undoubtedly change for the better. ”

    ZEITZ foundation Kenya Board Members


    Sohan Aggarwal

    Kate Garwood

    Taran Gehlot

    Wandia Gichuru

    Ali Kaka

    Christoph Schmocker

    Jochen Zeitz




    Biodiversity is life. Conservation is safeguarding this biodiversity and the integrity of the ecosystem services it provides which support global needs. We support the sustainable use of natural resources that safeguards the integrity of the planet in their area. Activities in this dimension address issues of biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as management of energy, water and waste, land planning and carbon impact reduction, amongst others.


    People matter; it is the right of every person to have their basic needs met and enhancing the well-being of communities is a fundamental obligation of all. We support activities that enhance the wellbeing of communities. Activities in this dimension address fair working conditions, community relations, social infrastructure, social accountability, capacity building and support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), amongst others.


    Our world is culturally diverse. Celebrating commonality is what nurtures understanding. Respecting difference is crucial to our future. Our ability to innovate and evolve is what makes us uniquely human. Drawing on our uniqueness we enrich each other and contribute to a greater common good. We strive to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising awareness of cultural diversity. Activities in this dimension address issues of cultural heritage site protection, cultural heritage promotion and awareness, respect, and cultural exchange among others.


    Uncontrolled, commerce has had many negative impacts. Conducted in a holistic and sustainable way however, commerce can be a positive contributor. Trading and the accumulation of wealth have been central to the development of civilizations over thousands of years and are likely to remain so. This dimension addresses the sustainability of commercial operations recognizing the intricate link between profit, natural and social assets. Viable businesses offer the capacity to provide a source of income for people that depend on it, as well as long term investment back into the initiatives in each of the ‘4C’s.

    Founded by the ZEITZ foundation, but now an independent UK-registered charity, The Long Run is a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability and pursuing the ZEITZ foundation’s mission internationally. The movement is global in scope and growing. Collectively The Long Run now safeguards over 21 million acres of biodiversity & touches the lives of 750,000 people. The Long Run supports, connects and inspires these nature-based businesses to excel in following the highest standards of sustainability encompassing Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (4Cs).