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    “Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”

    Jochen Zeitz

    The ‘Tree of Life’ Reforestation Initiative

    The Tree of Life initiative has made some significant progress despite severe drought conditions across East Africa. To date, the Foundation has planted 478,612 seedlings in the field since April 2020 against the original target of 300,000 seedlings by Year 3. Out of this, 157,520 tree seedlings were planted in 2022. With Kenya experiencing erratic rainfall patterns over the last three years, we focused on watering the planted trees to increase their survival rates.

    Over 30 women from the local communities were contracted to provide some support in the watering and maintenance exercises in the nurseries and in the field. With support from a generous donor, a water bowser and a soil tipper truck were also purchased to support these efforts thus increasing our efficiency.

    Anti-Poaching Unit (Rangers, National Police Reserve & Canine Unit )

    The ZEITZ foundation continues to protect 50,000 acres of wildlife habitat, its biodiversity and surrounding ecosystem with specially trained wildlife rangers, including those granted National Police Reserve (NPR) status, a Canine Unit and Rapid Response team. As plans are underway to establish a Rhino population on Segera Conservancy, strengthening the anti-poaching and security teams has been a priority.

    Within the year twelve male armed security rangers/NPR were trained on rapid response to any form of security threat to the Conservancy. The canine unit also went through an assessment on various aspects of security dog management and care. Two female rangers from the Administration Police Unit also joined the Canine Unit.

    Species Conservation (Rhino)

    Fundraising for the rhino sanctuary is ongoing, with initial plans for its establishment in place. Within the year, a 16-kilometre fence was installed in the proposed Rhino Sanctuary area, and rangers received comprehensive training to increase their capacity to protect the landscape, people and wildlife.

    Invasive Species Management

    Invasive plant species (Datura stramonium and Opuntia ficus-indica) on Segera Conservancy, were continuously managed through physical extraction with support from the Rangers. This has led to a decline in species colonization on the conservancy and improved habitat health.

    Sustainable Water Management

    Kenya (and the Horn of Africa) is experiencing its worst drought in over 40 years, significantly impacting the rangelands, wildlife, livestock and people. Laikipia is one of the regions in Kenya that has been severely affected by the ongoing drought, with limited to no rains experienced in the regular rainy season in April/ May. This has been compounded by the same pattern in the October/ November rainy season.

    To address this challenge, the foundation drilled a water borehole for sustainable water access in August 2022. This will supplement existing water sources such as the seasonal river and provide some relief for wildlife, livestock, people, and the environment. The borehole has a pumping rate of 4 cubic meters per hour and thus can provide 32,000 litres of water per day.

    In addition to this, the plans for the large water dam are ongoing, with construction approvals received from the water authority and a contractor to undertake the work identified. Construction is expected to commence in 2023.

    Vocational Training Academy For Forestry and Permaculture

    The ZEITZ foundation’s Academy for Forestry and Permaculture will now be hosted under the more comprehensive 4C Learning Centre. Our ultimate objective with the Centre is to increase awareness, knowledge and skills in permaculture, conservation and sustainable agriculture for both adults and children. “We hope to encourage the next generation in rural Kenya by enabling children from local schools to experience nature and wildlife on Segera Conservancy and providing top-level learning facilities to educate and inspire.

    This experience will be facilitated by the 4C Learning Centre, a multi-purpose educational center for children and vocational training centre for adults. The Centre will strengthen and support long term relationships between the local community and Segera Conservancy and to provide educational services in the areas of permaculture, forestry, wildlife and conservation within the community itself.

    facility which will be hosted at a repurposed airplane hanger began.

    In 2022, the implementation of the first phase of the Centre began, with following milestones realized:

    • Two plots (thirteen acres and two acres) were purchased in 2022. Both plots are within close range of the Segera Main Gate. The legal documentation for ownership was finalized , both plots were fenced and water provision works are ongoing.
    • Two staff members obtained Permaculture Design Certification following a two-week training session at local training facility, The Laikipia Permaculture Center, in February 2022.
    • One staff member attended a training session on soil fertility and vermiculture in March 2022 at the the same facility.
    • And finally, the design for the layout of the for the 4C training

    School Program- Bursaries

    The ZEITZ foundation’s bursary program continued with 19 students supported in their high school education. The students are thriving with good performance recorded in the year.

    At the end of the school term, six students (5 male:1 female) took their final secondary examinations. 50% of these students attained the grades required to transition into public universities in the country.

    School Program- Infrastructure Repair & Maintenance

    The repair and maintenance of school infrastructure was supported the year with classrooms at Endana Primary school refurbished with windows, walls and electrical fittings repaired. The school administration and students appreciated the support and committed to maintaining the required standards.

    School Program- Infrastructure Development

    • Three new classrooms and two ablution blocks constructed at Naserian Annex Primary School.
    • One new classroom and two ablution blocks constructed at Kisergei Primary School.
    • One new classroom constructed for SATUBO Kindergarten.
    • School fencing and installation of security gates at both Naserian Annex and Kisergei Primary Schools.
    • Classroom furniture purchased for an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) class at Kisergei Primary School.
    • Sustainable water access provided at Naserian Annex Primary School through an underground water tank with a capacity of 35,000 litres and purchased a 5,000-litre water tank.

    SATUBO Women

    The ZEITZ foundation continued to support the SATUBO Women’s Beading Group in 2022. The Foundation facilitated visits to the group which increased beadwork sales thus impacting the lives of over 20 active members of the group.

    Segera’s latest “Artist in Residence” programme also enabled the women to develop and execute designs in collaboration with Kenyan designer AMU in the studio for his latest fashion collection.

    Looking ahead….

    …the ZEITZ foundation will focus on the following initiatives in 2023:

    • Plant an additional 250,000 to 300,000 Acacia trees on the Conservancy, thus getting us closer to our goal of over 1million trees by 2030. An additional tree nursery will also be established under the Vocational Training program to support community forestry education and enterprise.
    • Advance plans to establish The Laikipia Rhino Sanctuary on Segera through strengthening the capacity of the Anti-Poaching Ranger Unit, establishing the suitable infrastructure, acquiring the required equipment – including a modified drone to support operations – and continued fundraising to partially cover the first phase of the project.
    • Initiate and complete the construction of the large water dam for sustainable water management. This will support the water needs of the ecosystem restoration efforts, wildlife and people.
    • Support an additional 11 high school students under the Bursary Program. This will bring the total number of students to 24 (including thirteen students from the previous year)
    • Support school infrastructure development with the construction of three additional classrooms and two ablution blocks. The maintenance of existing infrastructure will also be supported.
    • Advance plans for the first phase of the 4C Learning Centre through the completion of the structural designs, establishment of the permaplots at the site, development of the permaculture training curriculum, strengthening internal capacity and facilitating training sessions with local communities.
    • Continue to support the integration of culture in conservation and commerce through various community initiatives.

    We would like to thank all our donors and supporters in 2022, without which these achievements would not have been possible.

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